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Organic Chaga & Reishi Tincture - Dual Extract

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We don't just love Chaga - we love Reishi too! 
If chaga is the king of the mushrooms then reishi is most definitely the Queen.
Chaga and Reishi's most potentially beneficial compounds require both water and alcohol extraction -  a tea is not enough!

Our tincture dual extraction process is designed to capture a broad spectrum of both chaga and reishi's compounds.

Our potent chaga & reishi tincture is handmade in small batches using sustainably harvested wild chaga from clean Estonian forests and carefully selected organic cultivated fruiting bodies of Reishi (no mycellium!)

How do we make Organic Chaga & Reishi Tincture?

First we blend two 40% (80°) alcohol extracts with two highly concentrated water extracts.  That's right - 4 different extracts are blended together!

Then we use several proprietary processes to bring the alcohol content down below 1.2% to make the taste appealing to more people and yet still have a long shelf life. 

Best before: 12 months from date of manufacture.

For more details see label.

Pregnant or breast feeding women and children under 12 should not consume chaga.

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