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Chaga Recipes

The perfect place to cook with chaga?

The culinary world has taken chaga to its heart and online you can find recipes for everything for chaga chocolate, chaga soap, chaga tincture, chaga muffins, chaga ice cream, chaga cocktails, chaga spice nuts, chaga cookies, chaga pancakes... the list goes on. Scroll down for links to some chaga recipes we like.

But at the core of "cooking with chaga" is making "chaga tea", which we could also call "chaga stock". Whatever you prefer to call it, it basically is a juice extracted from soaking/simmering chaga in water. Once you have this beautiful dark liquid prepared, you can warm it to make tea, add it to coffee, smoothies, rice, couscous and more or less anything you can think of.

If you don't have time to make your own chaga tea then try our concentrated chaga elixir or "instant chaga", our powerful freeze dried, 100% soluble chaga extract powder.

Only your imagination can hold you back. 

Savoury Chaga Recipes
Enrich your favourite recipes with chaga by swapping chicken or beef broth for this easy Chaga Broth.

Bring complexity to your soups, curries, and risottos with your very own homemade Chaga Stock Cubes.
Make this Chaga Bouillon for a quick, no-cook variant of our Chaga Stock Cube recipe with garlic and herbs.

Add variety to your side dishes and main courses with Chaga Mushroom Gravy.

Use chaga bouillon to create this tasty Chaga Mustard Sauce.

Grate some Parmesan over this White Bean and Chaga Soup and serve it with toasted bread for a stronger sense of the Tuscan countryside.

Garnish this budget-friendly, low-calorie Chaga Egg Drop Soup with chopped green onions for a pop of colour and flavour.
Sweet Chaga Recipes

Add a citrusy twist to the simple flavour of chaga with Lemon Chaga Iced Tea.

If you haven't warmed up to the taste of pure chaga just yet, try this cool Chaga & Coconut Iced Tea.
Try boosting your productivity and your immune system.
A simple alternative to your usual coffee fix.

Pair the nutty creaminess of hemp hearts with chaga tea and spices to impart a wholesome warming effect.

Enjoy this light and sweet Chaga Masala Chai on a cold winter day.

Put a health-conscious spin on the black forest cake with this Black Forest Chaga Smoothie.

Lean back and relax with a glass of Chaga Rum Cola.

Snack on these Chaga Candied Pecan Nuts.

Spread this Choco Chaga Date Paste on toast, dip fresh fruits into it, or stir it into milk for a quick hot chocolate.

Start your day with this simple yet nourishing Chaga French Toast.

Whip up these Mini Banana Chaga Pancakes for a nutritional punch that's anything but miniature.

Bake these Nutty Choco Chaga Muffins for a sweet yet healthy treat.

Keep dessert simple with this No-Bake Chaga Cheesecake.

Combine chaga, chocolate, and banana for an easy Vegan Chaga Ice Cream.

Munch on these Choco Hemp Chaga Bites for a good dose of antioxidants, fiber, arganine, and an array of vitamins and minerals.
Rustle up these Chaga Peanut Butter Cups with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

If you have a great chaga recipe then share it with us for a discount on your next Natural Chaga order.



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