Musta Pässiku Tee (Chaga Tea) - 1 liter = 6€


Getting Natural Chaga OÜ off the ground has been a labour love and it wouldn't have been possible without considerable help and advice from a whole bunch of people.

If I missed you then let me know and I'll add you of course.

Robin Gurney

  • My wife, Birgit, put supporting yet another of my "crazy ideas".
  • Ben Skelton for website development. He has showed enormous patience I can tell you! Contact me if you need a fast no-nonsense game or website developer.
  • Jed Biliran for logo and packaging design. Hope you agree he has done a great job :)
  • Bernice Cabildo for solid recipe research and writing.
  • Kristel Uibo for educating me on the state of the Estonian chaga market.
  • Katri Kerem for pointing me at some useful Estonian folkloric information about chaga.
  • Photographers Brendan Golubjatnikov and David Wilkinson for taking tonnes of great shots that we use here on the site, our Facebook page and on the packaging (Contact me if you need their contacts for photography services in Estonia.)
  • We have used some stock photography from Burst, Pixabay, Pexels (Tatiana Syrikova & Kaboompics) and Unsplash so thanks to them too.


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