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CHÖGI (500ml) - alcohol-free

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New for winter 2021 – Limited edition

Combine the power of chaga with winter spices and enjoy our tasty Glöggi-style chaga elixir.

CHÖGI contains certified organic chaga plus cinnamon, raisins, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and bitter orange.

Savour the flavours of Christmas and a taste of the forest too 😊

It’s concentrated so just one 50ml shot per day is what we recommend.

Drink it cold or warm it up and share with friends or family.

Maybe add a little sugar or honey if you like your CHÖGI sweet.

You could also add CHÖGI to hot juice, water or wine.

Each 500ml bottle contains a concentrated extract of approximately 50g of organic chaga and 37g of Chögi spices.

One bottle contains 10 servings.

Best before: 6 months from date of manufacture. See packaging.

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