Приходите в нашу мастерскую чаги

Chaga Tea Recipes

Chaga Iced Tea

Chaga tea has been made in numerous different ways in different cultures around the world. There is not a “right way” to make chaga tea so consider our chaga tea recipes as suggestions and ask your friend (Google) to suggest other alternatives too.

Chaga tea tastes unique but some people say it's a bit like vanilla or even caramel when sweetened.

We recommend these chaga tea recipes (we use them):



  1. The main rule is don’t boil your chaga, maintain a temperature of 50/60℃ but even this “no boil rule” is not 100% consistent, some regular chaga users (and old recipes) say it's fine to do so.
  2. What is sure is that the longer you brew, soak or simmer your chaga, the stronger and more potent your tea will be. Obvious really when you think about it.
  3. You can reuse Natural Chaga Chunks and Coarse Ground Natural Chaga
  4. Freeze between uses to prevent mold appearing (for up to 2 months). 
  5. You can reuse Natural Chaga chunks up to 10 times. You will see when the colour of your tea starts to fade. When it is not a rich dark colour anymore it’s time to replace your Natural Chaga.
  6. If you make a larger quantity of chaga tea then keep it in the fridge (or cool place) for up to 2 weeks.
  7. Our Natural Chaga Fine Powder should be used only once or twice and is best for making quick chaga tea (like you make coffee or as an additive to sauces, soups, smoothies and other food & drinks).

If you would like to discuss chaga tea recipes then please contact us, we are happy to give our opinions.

We recommend brewing/simmering your Natural Chaga to make the tastiest tea but some people also say it's fine just to let it steep/sit in hot water e.g. in a thermos flask overnight but we have never tried that. Based on our experience, your chaga tea will taste and look great when the chaga has been “cooked”.

Or save a lot of time and just add hot water to Instant Chaga and ...Voila! Instant chaga tea

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