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Chaga Tincture Recipe

Chaga Alcohol Extract / Chaga Tincture Recipe

Chaga’s benefits can be concentrated into an alcohol extract (a tincture).

You can buy our dual extract low alcohol Chaga Tincture or make your own :)


One simple chaga tincture recipe used in Estonia goes like this.

Note: This is not the same recipe we use to make our tincture.

Use vodka to make a chaga alcohol tincture; fill a container (glass, jar, bottle) with fine ground chaga powder and pour on the alcohol until the, well-sealed, container is full. Allow to infuse for 2-4 weeks (or even longer). Pour into a sealable container through a coffee filter before use and store in the refrigerator (chaga tincture made this way can be stored for years). 

Usage recommendations vary: Take a few drops several times a day or a tablespoonful once a week.

Chaga 101 also wrote several chaga tincture variations here.


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