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Natural Chaga OÜ: Pillapalu Forest Retreat, Kõrve, Pillapalu, 74502, Estonia

  • Business registry code: 14486621
  • VAT code: EE102081273

Phone: +372 559 29 479

Email: robin@naturalchaga.eu

We don't have fancy offices, company cars or big storage units. 

This keeps costs down.

We are a registered producer with the Republic of Estonia Agriculture and Food Board.

Our production facilities are situated in the heart of Pillapalu, at Pillapalu Forest Retreat, surrounded by our own forest. Chaga grows there of course! and it's an area where plant protection products and pesticides are prohibited by law.

You are welcome to visit (with an appointment) and see our wonderful forest. Maybe we could go hunting for berries, mushrooms and chaga together!

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