Our Story

Natural Chaga OÜ is a family-owned business and ethical brand, and we (and some chaga-loving friends) hope to expand and provide our sustainably harvested Estonian chaga mushroom products to people around the world.
We live and work in our forest at Pillapalu Forest Retreat in Estonia.

We are focused on creating a sustainable supply chain that respects Estonia's natural environment and promotes chaga as part of a healthy lifestyle.

I'm Robin, English - my wife and two kids are Estonian. When I moved to Estonia back in 2004, the nature impressed me immediately - especially the empty sandy beaches, crisp clean clean air and endless forests.

Summers and autumns since then have been dedicated to gathering wild berries and foraging for wild mushroomsmostly we like to pick blueberries, wild strawberries, cloudberries and chanterelle mushrooms.

Some years ago, I was introduced to chaga, or must pässik as they say in Estonian, and since then I've been on a journey of discovery of its history, usage and health benefits.

When the coronavirus hit the world, I recognised, like many have done, that having a stronger immune system can only help. Whilst I don't believe, and there is no evidence either, that chaga can prevent, treat or cure the coronavirus, I do believe that people with stronger immune systems will do better than people with weaker ones.

It just makes sense.

Supporting the immune system is especially important for me personally. Twice in my life I have had cancer. I have had numerous operations. In fact, so many I have forgotten the exact number, more than 10 anyway. Plus chemotherapy sessions for months on end. I've been in the clear for many years now but my doctors have made it very clear that, primarily due to the chemotherapy side effects, I have a seriously impaired immune system. I am, where the coronavirus is concerned, definitely in higher risk category than most people. It’s not just about the coronavirus though. I need to protect myself against other viruses and illnesses, which I do. I use chaga as part of that self-protection strategy. It works for me.

So we started this website and shop to help spread information about chaga and also make Estonia's wild, pure, Natural Chaga available to as many people as possible.

We are not taking the traditional "big business" approach to chaga but that's ok - Estonia is a place for independent minds.

Come and visit us in Estonia and find out for yourself. You are welcome.